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Eric Kellerman


Eric Kellerman

Eric Kellerman is a Briton who has lived near Nijmegen in the Netherlands for a very long time. In 2008, he retired from academia to spend more time on photography. Specialising in the nude, he works almost entirely in studio with a regular team of female collaboratorsm, most of whom have a serious interest in movement (dance, acrobactics, yoga, martial arts). Sometimes, when nobody is available, he photographs vegetales and fruit out of desperation.

"K", Serie "Tela" / Fabric Series
Photo by Eric Kellermen

Kellerman considers his work to be distant, abstract, melancholic, ‘unerotic’, despite its subject matter. He emphasises line, geometrical form, texture, implicit movement, and above all, chiaroscuro. He likes to create ambiguity in his photos, so that the viewer is sometimes unsure what part of the body is being looked at. In this way, he attempts to free the female body of its conventional associations.

He thinks he has been influenced by several painters, and admires the photographic work of Ruth Bernhard, Christian Coigny, Flor Garduño, Lynn Bianchi, Andreas Heumann, Sonja Rolton, and Emil Schildt, amongst many others.



2008: 'Eric Kellerman: Le don des nues'
52-min documentary by Alexis Cartonnet and Pablo Knudsen (France). Premiered on January 28, 2008 in Lyon, France.

In prep: The Box: A Typology of Poses in a Confined Space, 2nd edition, edition GALERIE VEVAIS
2015: Werkdruck series, no. 41, edition GALERIE VEVAIS
2012: The Box: A Typology of Poses in a Confined Space, edition GALERIE VEVAIS SOLD OUT
2009: Inter Scaldes: Cuisine & Art, Terra Publications


2015: Winner, Federation of European Photographers Photo Book Award (Nude)
2011: 2 nominations, Black & White Spider Awards
2010: Honorable mention, Worldwide Photography Gala Awards
2010: Honorable mention, Photography Masters Cup
2010: Nominated, Black & White Spider Awards
2008: Spotlight Award, Black & White Magazine Portfolio Contest
2008: GOLD Award, Black & White Magazine
2005: Merit Award, Black & White Magazine

Features in magazines

2014: Portfolio, Silvershotz
2013: Snoecks 2014
2013: PHOTO+ 3 (Korea)
2013: Portfolio, SHUTR
2012: Cover & portfolio, ADORE NOIR 10
2011: The Photo Paper
2008:Spotlight portfolio, Black & White Magazine
2008: Black & White Magazine Special Issue
2006: Focus Maandblad (Netherlands)
2005: Black & White Annual (USA)
2005: Focus (USA)
2005: Art-Photo-Akt (Germany)

Photos in books

2012; Nudes 3 (Feierabend)
2011: Beyond (
2009: Lensmodern, Edition One
2007: Lighting (AVA Basics)
2006: Extreme lighting conditions in digital
photography (AVA)
2006: Composition (AVA Basics)
2006: Nudes (Rotovision)
2005: The Body (Feierabend)


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